Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some Updates

Hello again!

I've updated the list of current mission blogs with the additions of Elder Dayton and Elder Lewis (both serving French speaking), and Elder & Sister Linton, a senior couple.  The archive has been updated, and a link for Prepared to Serve has a list of mission blogs for the West Indies from 2009 to current.

If you know of any other actively updated blogs, please feel free to comment.

Link to the archive:

In terms of other updates, I know that currently, missionaries are only allowed to listen to Mormon Tabernacle Choir and (perhaps) instrumental music.

Happy Holidays!

EDIT (2/16/14):
I've just added Sister Hodge, Sister Munafo, and Sister Riley's blogs to the list.

Also, there are several "mission sites" for missionaries, but they do not have any letters.  If you're interested in seeing them, click "Links" on the side bar of the mission site.


  1. More missionaries to add. I just added my daughters blog to mission Look for sisteralyssaworthington.

    Mission also identifies Elder Dean Anderson, Sister Stace-Lynn Gill, And Elder Logan Glade

  2. My wife and I are serving in the WIM on the island of Martinique. Rather than a blog, she is maintaining a facebook page specific to the mission, open to view but only invited members can comment. You are welcome to link to it if you want -

    "Sunshine in Our Souls"-Our West Indies Mission Experience is the page name

    Elder Turner