Thursday, April 18, 2013

Proselyting Movies

One thing I liked during my mission was seeing the different types of movies the Church has produced.  Several areas in the mission do not have copies of the proselyting DVDs - so if you want them, I suggest having your own copies.  You can either order them at home, or order them while in the field (they will be discounted).  Some are also available for download.  While not necessary to have, they can be useful.

Videos available for download

Here are a few videos (made available generously by the Church) that you can download, burn to a disc, and take with you.

1) Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration

You've probably seen the earlier version of this (made in 2005) that has Joseph Smith narrating, interposed with the story of the girl from the United Kingdom immigrating with her father.

The 2011 edition of this film is amazing.  It's been recut, so it tells the story from beginning to end, with Lucy Mack Smith narrating.

Miraculously, the Church has made this film available for free download.  You can download it (in a variety of formats) from here:

I highly, highly recommend you burn a copy of this movie.  It shows that the Restoration is more than the First Vision (for example, priesthood and why we build temples).  It addresses concerns an investigator might have (such, "Does the Book of Mormon replace the Bible?").  Since the Church has made it so widely available online, they do not make DVDs of it (if you want to learn more about it, here is an article:  I loved showing it to people.

2) The Bible Videos

I'm not very familiar with the Bible videos (they were released while I was on my mission).  However, if you want to download them, they are available here:

3) The Youth Videos

In 2011, the Church started producing videos that were tied to the Mutual theme.  They can be downloaded here:

DVDs available through

Suggested movies:
The Testaments
Between Heaven and Earth (This film has scholars from different faiths and educational backgrounds discussing temples built anciently, and the temples The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint builds today.  There is a 10, 30, and 45 minute cuttings of it on the DVD)

Other DVDs to consider:
The Doctrine and Covenants Visual Resource DVDs (Contains the 20 minute Restoration, John Tanner Story, Only a Stonecutter, and the 2005 version of Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration, in addition to other short videos)
Together Forever
The Seminary DVDs (The Old Testament Resource DVDs also have the videos from the Old Testament Seminary DVD - I think it has all of them)
To This End Was I Born/The Lamb of God (I read somewhere that it's the same film)
Mr. Krueger's Christmas
Joy to the World

Another thing - several of these DVDs (such as Finding Faith in Christ) have several different languages on them, which is great if you're teaching someone for whom English is their second language.

Hope that helps!

UPDATE:  You can also download the Seminary DVD presentations from and burn them to a disc.  For convenience's sake, I say it's easier just to buy the DVDs (they're about $4.50 or less, depending on where you order them).  Here is the link to the Book of Mormon segments:

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