Monday, December 31, 2012

Advice for Sister Missionaries Serving in the West Indies

Skirts: Skirts made of cotton/spandex or polyester/rayon/spandex maintain better and do not need to be ironed as often. Do not bring pencil skirts, fitted skirts, or skirts that barely meet the length requirement. It is windy and hilly, and you will be sitting on things like cinder blocks and people's floors. You may want to consider skirts that have a built-in liner. Skirts made of other materials can be worn, but they may need to ironed.

Shirts: Normal shirts endure fine as long as they are taken care of. Be aware that you will be leaning over and such, so make sure they are modest. Cotton poly shirts endure well.

Under clothing: Undershirts, slips, bras, and ped/nylon socks for shoes are not sold within most areas in the mission and are difficult to find. Undershirts made by Downeast (such as the Wonder Tee) and Shade are the most functional. You may want to consider bringing all the undershirts for your mission from home, or leaving some from your family to mail to you. Stagger the use of your undershirts throughout your mission to make them last longer. The use of footie socks will increase the life of your shoes.

Shoes: The shoes sold within most islands in the mission are not high quality and do not last. Heels are not recommended. Bring shoes that are easy to clean and that won't be ruined if they get wet. You may wear sandals, but try to keep them professional. Sisters have suggested the following brands: Clark's, Naturalizer, Sketchers, Champion. You may wear flats, but they will wear out if you wear them every day.

Toiletries: Grocery stores within the mission sell American-brand toiletries (razors, shampoo, facewash, etc). American-brand tampons are sold within the mission, so you do not need to bring tampons to last you your entire mission, as indicated in your call packet. The make up sold within the mission may not have your skin tone and may not be high quality, so consider purchasing it at home and bringing it with you.

Other clothing: Bring at least one pair of long pants (jean or exercise) and one or more T-shirts you don't care about for service projects. Bring at least one pair of shorts (gym or jean) for preparation day activities. Have at least one normal outfit (what you would wear at home) for other preparation day activities.

Other advice: Many areas in the mission do not have copies of the proselyting DVDs, so you may want to purchase your own and bring them with you. (Suggested DVDs: Finding Faith in Christ, The Testaments, Together Forever, Finding Doctrine and Covenants Visual Resource DVDs, Between Heaven and Earth). You may also purchase these on when you arrive in your first area - they will be less expensive. You may want to bring a music player for the apartment and CDs for the car. Mormon Tabernacle Choir and EFY are allowed. Hair dryers will fry the circuitry in most of the islands, so you most likely won't use it.


-Sister Walch and I at Sister Bhola's house
-Me cleaning a window inside Sister Bhola's house

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

-Sister Butler and I at the airport

-Sister Cummings made us Roti - it was delicious

- teaching the kids

Monday, December 3, 2012