Friday, June 15, 2012

Sent May 14th 2012

-GIANT crab that our branch president caught
-I feel like that blue crab is doing a thug life/gang symbol.
-My district/zone from this past transfer.  The Elder I'm standing next to (Elder Whitlock) was in my MTC district and he was our district leader this past transfer.
-Elder Wilson decided to draw Elder Hunt.
-Sometimes, people like to give us stuff.  And we tell them no.  Multiple times.  But they keep insisting.  So we always end up leaving with something.  Cocoa stick, mangos, sour sop, plums, cocoa tea ingredients, water bottles, FLOWERS, nutmeg...
-Another view of the things.  There is a visible Five Finger fruit.
-All the things we received in one day.  Mangos, plums, and the flowers.
-It was Elder Wilson's 20th birthday this week!  We made him a Fun Fetti cake with Rainbow Chip frosting, and put a W on it with Tea Time cookies (his favorite)
-We also got him mint chip ice cream
-So, at Bible study on Wednesday, I got a Book of Mormon out from the cabinet and when I opened it, I discovered this wonderful drawing with the inscription "The Holy Ghost descended in the form of a dove."  We figured out pretty quickly that Joeguy had drawn it at some point in time (PS, Joeguy is AWESOME.  He is preparing for a mission right now and is the only active priest).
-So, we were driving home, and there was a HORSE in the middle of the road (I took this while driving...maybe not the smartest idea).
-We collected all four Silly Stirrers from our Trix Yogurt purchases.  YAYYYYYY!

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