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Sent April 11th, 2012


So, Saint Lucians love holidays!  Since Easter is on a Sunday, the Monday after was a national holiday and everything was closed!  Thus, I am emailing you today!

Mom!  Congratulations on making it into Chorale!  I hope it goes well.  I did write Grandma - did she ever get my letter?  I sent it back...let me think.  After Elections, so around the end of November?  She should have received it two weeks after that. 

Dad, you asked about Easter.  From what I gathered, Easter isn't a huge holiday here.  Most people go to their respective churches, then it's like any normal Sunday.

Well, I have a great story for all of you!

On Tuesday, we had district meeting up in Castries, which is about an hour away from Vieux Fort.  I had been asked to teach a lesson about how "No Culture Is a Bad Culture."  We read in uhhhh Romans or Corinthians I think where Paul says he became Jew, Gentile, weak, with/without the law, all so that he could save some.  Well, after district meeting, there was some three layer dip for us.  Looking at it, I noticed there was guacamole.  I thought to myself, "Hm.  Every time I've had guacamole, I haven't felt super good.  OH WELL, THAT WAS THE OLD RACHEL, I'M SISTER BRISSON NOW!"  So, I ate it.

We say our goodbyes to the district, and we begin to drive back down to Vieux Fort.  Within 15, 20 minutes of driving, I do not feel good AT ALL.  Remember, I'm driving.  I drive for 5 more minutes and say to Sister Dayton, "Sister Dayton, I think I'm going to throw up."  Of course, she says that I should pull over.  We do, and, yes, I opened the car door and threw up.  MOST LADYLIKE THING OF MY LIFE.  hahahaha I hope no one saw me!  Although there were some people further down the road...whoops!

We stopped by to see Marla on Monday night.  She hadn't made it to the Sunday sessions of conference, but she told us that she had looked it up online.  We asked her if she'd prayed about the Book of Mormon.  She looked at us, then said, "Yes.  And I believe it's true."  I flipped out, I was so excited!  She said, "I always believed it was true...but I guess I just let other stuff get in the way."  We had a Family Home Evening with her this week, where we watched the new Prophet of the Restoration film.  Family, EVERY TIME Hyrum Smith gets shot in the face, I lose it.  Automatic tear up!

We found two AWESOME PEOPLE this week!  Their names are Zeshua and Sazayn.  We had street-contacted them a few weeks ago while they were out on a family walk with their 3 month old baby.  We called them a few times, but the timing never worked out.  Eventually, we got to see them this past Saturday.  It was the best lesson of my mission so far.  They're both young, about 19 or so, and they plan on getting married at some point.  They understood the Restoration very well and seemed really excited to pray about it.  At points in the lesson, they asked the PERFECT questions of Sister Dayton and I that led into the next points.  They also had a lot of questions about Thomas S. Monson.  AHHHH IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT!  At the end of our lesson, we asked them if they had any questions and Sazayn said, "Yes, I just have one question.  When can you come back?"  Yes!

On Wednesday, I taught our Bible study class again.  We spent the whole class going through the New Testament, examining the priesthood and the church organization that existed in Christ's Church then and today.  It taught me a lot, actually.

At the end of the month, we're going to (My Lady of) GUADELOUPE (Hilgado) for Zone Conference, along with the islands of St. Maarten and Martinique.  Really random place for us to go, but cool nonetheless.  Probably won't attempt using my French :)

ALSO forgot to mention last time that I saw 3 people I know in the MTC choir!  Anne Vom Lehn!  Someone tell me where she's serving, please!  I also saw my freshman year Family Home Evening group leader!

So, when Elder Whitlock's new companion arrived last week, he brought our mail from Trinidad! Elder Whitlock told me I had mail from Elder Larson, Elder Garrett, and "Krista."  "Krista?"  I thought.  "I only know one Krista, and I didn't know she had my address. Cool!"  So, yesterday, when we got there, I saw my mail and GASPED because it was actually a letter from LUCY BRIMHALL!  Krista is Christ in Czech, I guess, ahahaha.  She sent it all the way back in February.

Last little thing before I sign out.  In Saint Lucia, Good Frida is a big holiday!  Everything shuts down, and people make fishcakes.  Lots of religious movies play on television!  It was awesome - Patrick and Waverly and Marla gave us fishcakes.

I love you all so much!  Thank you so much for your emails this week.  I really, really appreciate them.

Love you!

Sister Brisson

-Elder Jordan with Lawnel
-Sister Dayton with Olivia
-Not pictured: Elder Wilson and I
-Me with my mail + letter opener!  I sent this version because the letter opener is SHINING.

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