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Happy Tuesday!

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I apologize for not emailing yesterday! I know you were all probably DYING to hear from me and waited all day for the email that never came (I'm reminded of how Frye's dog waited for him in Futurama even though I've never seen that episode, hahaha). Sister Dayton and I went to hike the Gros Piton yesterday! It was a much more relaxed hike than the Petit Piton (which is just straight up the face of the mountain). This one was much more professional. It took us about 2 1/2 hours up and 2 1/2 hours down (it's supposed to take only 4 hours altogether, but I'm a slow hiker). It was quite fun. Our tour guide's name was Chad! So, we got back in time to do the rest of our preparation day activities, right? WELLL unfortunately, I don't know what it is about hiking, but I got SICK on the way home! We went over to the Elders after getting back and I got a blessing, and just had to sleep it off. I don't know why, since I don't get sick when hiking at home. I suppose it probably has something to do with how much balance it takes to hike here (every few seconds, you are going over uneven terrain and could fall). ANYWAY, the Piton was great!

Also, I guess you were expecting the title of this email to refer to Transfers. HOWEVER, everyone is having a seven-week transfer (to put us back on schedule), so we find out this Saturday where we'll be going.

On (so the Elders tell me), it says who our new mission president will be! Apparently, his name is President Marr.

ALRIGHT FAMILY let me tell you how our week went.

We taught Rye twice this week! Usually, when teaching someone for the second time, we have a brief "Restoration review" lesson with them to see if they remember any of the key points. So, when Sister Dayton and I begin the lesson, we ask him "So, Rye, what do you remember from the last time we taught you?" He remembered EVERYTHING (I swear that never happens!). He could quote back especially the parts about Joseph Smith. Sister Dayton and I were slightly taken aback! Haha, our whole lesson plan went out the window at that point. He said he had prayed about it and had a "very good feeling." We introduced the Book of Mormon to him and told him how it answered life's questions. He wanted to know about life after death, so we discussed the end of the Plan of Salvation. The lesson was a little clunky, not going to lie, but he seemed very intrigued. So, we went back on Friday night to teach him the first part of the Plan of Salvation. We covered Pre-Earth Life and the Creation, and he loved it. In our first lesson with him, he had mentioned how he used to think that Jesus Christ and God were separate, but he now knew that they were combined. So, at the end of our lesson with him, I said, "Oh yeah, Rye, so you had mentioned that you thought they were separate, but now you say they're combined. Well, actually - you were right the first time" (give or take, it's not verbatim). He looked a little thrown off and said "what....I had a pastor explain to me for a long time how they're the same." He seemed a little unsure by the end of the lesson, so we hope it didn't get him too off-track. We also asked if he'd read in the Book of Mormon and he told us he'd read a little, but then his mom started reading it and really liked it, so she borrowed it.

So, on Sunday, Sister Dayton and I had an appointment with a young man we had contacted last week. We call him to confirm, and he tells us he'll be back in time for our appointment. We call him a little bit later and ask if we could push the appointment back 30 minutes (since we were at the branch president's house), but he tells us he'll have to leave at 4, so we would have to come at 3:15. Sounds solid, right? We get over there, park, and look for his house. We call him and he comes outside. He walks up to us and says, "I'M DRUNK." He has a drink in his hand and I just start laughing and laughing inside. We're like, "well, we can't teach you when you're drunk." He says, "well, this is my third/fourth drink, and after this I'm stopping. It'll take about 30 minutes for me to become drunk, so we can still have a lesson." Well, unfortunately, Sister Dayton and I didn't think that was a good idea, so we told him we'd have to reschedule. Also at this moment in time, another drunk man came over and tried to buy us drinks. We told him no thanks, since we don't drink, and then he asked us if we were camels.

ALSO Patrick and Waverly came to church this week! YESSSS! We had a lesson with them last night about following the prophet and they are committed to come to General Conference this Sunday! Patrick is going to go buy better glasses this week so he can read in the Book of Mormon. Waverly remembers EVERYTHING. She always remembers which one of us prays at the beginning of each lesson. Ah, I love them so much. I wish I had more time to write more about them. Another one of our investigators, Marla, came to Church for the second time in a row this week! We're going to a Catholic church service with her tonight.

Sigh, I'm out of time!

I printed out all your emails but did not have time to read them. Any questions you've asked will be answered next week!

I love you!

Sister Brisson
-A few from the top. You can see most of the south side of the island and Maria Island, a small island off the coast of Vieux Fort that has some rare wildlife.

-There was a 250 year old Mango tree at the Point of No Return. I am hugging it to show my eco-friendliness.

-Me being happy

I've attached pictures but I have no idea what I've attached. Here is what I think I've sent you: a view of the smaller Piton

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