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I didn't think of a title before I sat down to email!

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Sadly, my favorite internet cafe of all of Vieux Fort is SUPER BUSY
today since the high school students have a giant project due in a few
days. As such, we're at the other, slightly actually more expensive
one, which doesn't have a card reader, meaning I can't send pictures

What can I even say about this week? Hmmmmmmmm....

We went to stop by an investigator's house just to confirm our
appointment for later in the afternoon. We go up to the door, which
is wide open (if a door is wide open, it means the person is home) and
call inside. We hear someone moving around inside and we're like
"....hello?..." and then around the corner comes this old lady who's
like "HELLLOOOOOO!" Haha, it was our investigator's mother who had
come to visit from the States. We introduce ourselves and Sister
Dayton says, "Hi, I'm Sister Dayton." The lady goes, "WHAT?" And
Sister Dayton says, "my name is Sister DAYTON." And the lady says,
"Sister SATAN?"

We started teaching a new investigator this week! He's the cousin of
one of the members. We had to teach him outside since there wasn't a
woman in the home. Unfortunately, the street was super noisy and
windy. Sister Dayton had just finished quoting the First Vision as
some trucks were passing by. The man stops us and is like, "Wait, did
he say, 'Kill Him?'" And were like "NOOOO he said 'Hear Him!'"

Oh my goodness, let me tell you about Patrick and Waverly! We were
going over baptismal requirements with them, and they're not married,
so it ended up being a discussion on the law of chastity. We were
slightly worried it might have scared them off, but then Patrick came
to church this week! Waverly unfortunately had a toothe ache, so she
couldn't come. The Elders told us that Patrick LOVED Elders' Quorum
and made lots of comments in the class. Patrick also has the best
vocabulary - he told us the other day how if someone tells them they
don't believe in God, he won't talk to them, since that person is very
"devilicious." And as we were talking about the Plan of Salvation and
he said "Where we came from before we were born...that's a very
ticklish subject."

OH YEAH. So, the other day, Sister Dayton and I had a semi-packed
evening. However, our car was running low on gas. We didn't have
time to go fill up, but that meant that...we could very well run out
of gas. So, we go through the evening and I'm nervously watching the
fuel gauge...but thankfully, we get to all of our appointments and
we're doing fine. As we drop off a member who lives 20, 30 minutes
away from us, the ominious, red "YOU NEED FUEL NOWWWW!" indicator
comes up. So, I'm like, "Sister Dayton, I hope we make it home....!"
And I drive as fast as legally possible and as we're driving, a BAT
hits our windshield!!! We make it back to the gas station to discover
we only have like ten dollars, which amounts to 3 liters (or gallons?
I don't even know) of gas. It was nerve wracking!

I'm sad I can't send pictures this week because I bought a CUTLASS!
We had to go to the 3 different stores to find a solid one. Everyone
keeps telling me that I'm going to chop myself. Now, I can finally do
service projects without people trying to stop me! Elder Wilson was
kind enough to give me his extra file. We did a service project this
week for

I don't think I've ever written about Marlyn! Marlyn was one of the
Elders' investigators, and they hadn't been able to see her for a
while since her job became quite busy. Our branch president suggested
we do an investigator "swap" and we've been working with her for about
2 weeks now. We re-committed her to read the Book of Mormon. The
last time we saw her, she said "Yeah, I read. I'm up in...1 Nephi 13?
But I don't understand any of it!" Ahhhhh! We discussed what she's
been reading. She also came to Church this week! She is noticing the
small differences that are coming into her life. She's working
towards April 28 for baptism!

And another investigator story! We tracted into a woman's house the
first few weeks Sister Dayton was here. She's met with a lot of
different religions in the past and, for some reason, she stopped
answering our phone calls. We go by to see her and she had actually
been sick for the past week. She is in bed with the flu when we visit
her, so she has sit down in her room with her, haha. We talked with
her about praying, and she mentioned how she felt like she hadn't
really put forth the effort into asking. So, at the end of the
lesson, we suggested we kneel and pray, and she could pray by her bed
AS SOON AS WE LEFT to know if it was true. Ahahahahah. So, we closed
with a prayer, then shut her door as we left.

Well, we went back on Sunday and she told us how her prayer went: "I
was praying and I felt like I was so close to an answer...when my son
opened the door and it broke my concentration!!!

Anyways, I'm about out of time. Sister Dayton and I pray ALL THE TIME
to find potential priesthood holders and families to teach. They're
starting to pop up every so often! Oh, and something I wish I had
thought of before leaving on my mission - I wish I had purchased the
church proselyting movies (Restoration, Finding Faith in Christ, etc)
and had my own copies so that I could use them with investigators.
They're not easy to come by once you're in the field.

I love you!

Sister Brisson

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