Friday, March 23, 2012


(The title of this email comes from a dream that a member had. A Gaje is a witch!)

Dad, you asked me about the weather and if I've seen a difference since I arrived. WELL, when I first got here, it was still hurricane season, meaning it was SO HOT. Oh my goodness. SO SO SO HOT. I keep telling Sister Dayton that this weather isn't bad at all in comparison to September and October. From Christmas until now, it's been super, super windy (you can probably tell from the pictures). It's quite difficult to manage our hair when it's like this, but what can we do? When it's this windy, it's quite nice. Although, everyone keeps telling us that this kind of weather at this time of year is very abnormal - it's supposed to be the dry season and very, very hot.

WELLLLL let me tell you about how our week went!

On Tuesday, we had a return appointment with one of new investigators! He's the cousin of a member - he's probably about in his 50's. He owns a tire shop and a bar, and is just the happiest man. We saw him last week and left him with a tract (since we were fresh out of Book of Mormons). We tell his member-cousin that we saw him and she said, "WHATTTTT. I've been inviting him to Church for ages!" We told her that we just left him with a tract since we're out of Book of Mormons and she said "That's fine. I have one that I'll give to him." So, we saw him this week and brought by Sister Baptist while we waited for his cousin to arrive. He patiently and politely waits for Sister Baptist to finish her conversion story, then he tells us, "Okay. So, ever since you came, I've been feeling SO RELAXED. It's like something's working on me! I read that leaflet like 6 or 7 times. I used to feel a hot kettle and now I'm just so relaxed." It was AWESOME. He came to Church this week and enjoyed it quite a bit! He said he'll be back next week!! His member cousin was so happy to see him at church.

Now for another story!

Sister Dayton and I had some contacting time before one of our appointments. We tried to talk to anyone who was home, and when we reached the end of the street, there was this giant hill with some houses on top. So we climb up the hill and call into a house. Someone's home, so they invite us in. Cool, right? So, we step into the doorway and it turns out the person who invited us in DOESN'T live there but is just doing some work there, and the real owner of the house comes in and is like "....Hello?" And I'm like "Hello, my name is Sister Brisson. What's your name?" And she says, "What do you want?" And I say, "Sorry, what's your name?" and then she says again, "What do you want??" And we're like "Uhh...we're missionaries..." Then we just stand there awkwardly in her house. She got a phone call right after that so she takes it and doesn't quite shew us away but we got the hint. WELL, we head over to our appoint and within ten minutes, who walks through their back door but THE LADY WHO JUST SENT US AWAY. She's like, "Oh, uhhh...hi...." and we're like "hello!" and she says to the man we're visiting, "So...they came to see you too?" Ahaha so awkward. ALSO, the wife of the couple we had our appointment with - oh my goodness - she's an older lady, probably in her...60's or 70's. When we first contacted her we told her that we were missionaries, she asks where we're from so we tell her (although I usually tell people Mwe sorti Saint Licie (I'm from Saint Lucia). Then we talk in Patwa!) So she says to us, "Are you sure? You could be spies."

ALSO we found a great new investigator this week named Rye! He's just about to graduate from high school. Most people we teach have a hard time understanding what the Book of Mormon is. Even if we read from the Introduction with them and tell them about it, and read parts of it, they still think it's a retranslation of Genesis and/or a Bible. SO, we are teaching Rye and we were introducing the Book of Mormon to him, discussing how he would recognize the answers to his prayers (we read in Alma 32). His godmother walked in and said "Oh, Rye, is that a Bible?" and he said "No - it's a - Book of Mormon. It's about uh, ancient prophets from the Americas. It tells us how to see answers to our prayers." Hahaha, he got it!

I love you all so much! Mom and Dad, I promise I'll have a favorite scripture next week for my plaquebut - ALISHA I need you to send them that picture I sent you back in like April for my missionary picture. PLEASEEEEEEEE.

Transfers are next week! It came into my heart during companion study a few days that I'll be going to St. Maarten but then again, I JUST renewed my St Lucian driver's license so I told President Gamiette to leave me here.


Sister Rachel Brisson


-Me with my cutlass! Note: We tried to just take pictures of me smiling with it, but those all looked creepy, so I had Sister Dayton take a whole bunch. Hahahaha she is so patient.

-I made yaco tacos! Unfortunately there's not really ground beef around so we had to use ground turkey instead and I put corn in it. Soooo good!

-We were driving back down from Castries and we decided to stop along the way at the scenic views!

-Cuddling my cutlass at the service project

-me with a sheep like 2 seconds before we came into town

-creepy abandoned hotel development

-The people at the Patty Shack would call that my "usual."

-Sometimes, Elder Wilson and I get into heated arguments.

-Nicki Minaj Newswoman

-St Lucia is Jurassic Park

-Dennery Valley! I It's so beautiful!

-Me with the creepy abandoned complex

-Sister Dayton didn't get the scowl memo


-Service project! Sister Dayton, Myself, Elder Wilson, and Elder Jordan. While doing this service
project, a slightly tipsy man came over and borrowed a cutlass, clearing in 15 minutes what would take us an hour.

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