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My Little Greenie

Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 2:29 PM

Hello Family!

So, MyLDSMail JUST changed its format (and I assume Gmail did as well) and it so SO AWFUL.  It takes forever to load and it is so messy!  AGHHHHHH.  Oh well, guess I just need to work on being more patient...

I didn't quite have an opportunity to tell you how my last week of this past transfer went, so I'll tell you now!  Sadly, we had to drop several people.  We said goodbye to Keltrina and Brother Raymond.  But! He came to church the Sunday after we had our last lesson with him.  Ahahahaha.  We dropped off Sister Danielsen at the airport on Wednesday morning last week, and goodness, I miss her!  Perhaps we will serve together again...who knows!

This past week has been TREE OF LIFE TO THE MAX.  Two of our investigators just finished reading there, then Sister Dayton and I taught the youth Sunday School class on it, THEN we used it in practicing our teaching skills at Zone Conference!  AND we just had read about it in the Book of Mormon for companion study (which I will talk about a little later...hope I don't forget!).  The Tree of Life vision has always been interesting to me.  Most people focus on the fruit of the tree, saying "oh, the fruit is the most's the love of God...what do we have to do to partake of it...why did Lehi want to share it...We have to hold to the rod..." etc.  Of course, those are important observations.  However, what sticks out to me when reading it is THOSE WHO ARE WANDERING IN STRANGE PATHS OR ON THE BROAD ROADS.  I remember thinking about it in the MTC, realizing that, as missionaries, we are helping those people find the Iron Rod, aiding them in holding on to something, letting them move forward, instead of wandering aimlessly.

Now!  Let me tell you about my new companion!  (I hope you all caught the My Little Ponie reference).  She is Sister Nellie Dayton of Orem, UT.  She JUST finished a semester at BYU before leaving for the mission.  Diane and Lauren, she knows that roommate of yours who worked at Jamestown.  She is like a combination of Brianna Sonnefeld/Rory Gilmore/Rebecca Dombrowski - so, she's great!  She's the 2nd oldest in her family, and she is taller than me!  That means, at last, I don't have to protect my companion!

So, whenever anyone says "exact obedience" I think of "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" from Harry Potter.

This past week, we started teaching a Bible Study class in order to help us find more people to teach!  We're teaching it from the Institute REL 211 manual.  It's interesting - if you do all the reading blocks from it, you'll read the whole New Testament.  The missionaries here in Vieux Fort will switch off teaching it every week.  We're hoping that it does what we want - help us find more solid people.  I taught it this past week and it went well!  The members had a wonderful discussion about the foreordination of Christ.

And yesterday, we had Zone Conference!  I loved meeting some of the other sisters who are serving in the West Indies!  I attached a picture!  From L to R: Sister Walch, Sister Butler (the first North American sister in the mission), Sister Phagwah (who was also trained by Sister Fraser), Sister Dayton, Sister Udall, and me (whose hair is all out of wack...whoops!)  President Gamiette gave a presentation on improving our teaching skills...which made me think A LOT.  President Vinas (of the Quorum of the Seventy) was there as well and talked with us about real growth - it's not about baptisms!  It's about people moving through the ordinances of the Church, going to the temple, those who endure to the end...THAT is real growth, and that is what we want to achieve in our areas.

Annndddd I have a picture with President and Sister Vinas!  It was windy ahhhh.

Then, I had my interview with President Gamiette.  It was the first individual interview I've had since I first arrived, ahaha.  I thought it would never happen!  We were talking about the area, and how a few things aren't going so well, despite our efforts.  He said, "hmm...." then pulled something up on the computer and asked, "Sister Brisson, what if I was to send you to somewhere, like Barbados?"  Before I could even think, I blurted out "No!"  There is someone for me to find in Vieux Fort, I KNOW IT.  I can't go!  So, I won't be leaving - yet!

Ack I always run out of time!  DAD, are you okay?  Goodness, I just got your email.

Also, President Gamiette has challenged us all to read 6 pages from the Book of Mormon every day as a companionship and finish it in two transfers!  It's going well!

Jacob, read Alma 40-42 this week!  SOOOOOO Good!

I had some little shout outs to put this week but it looks like I don't have time!

Love you all!

Sister  Brisson

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