Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.​..just kidding!

Bonjour ma famille!

Usually, I make little notes of the things I want to write you about so that I'm not a complete space cadet when I write you - unfortunately, I didn't do that this week, so here goes!

First, here is a picture of my Zone from this past transfer.
Second - Hipster Missionaries

Let me tell you about Bob. We were contacting a few weeks back and we tracted into him and his wife. He is just such a nice man and has met with many different missionaries from several religions. When I first met him, he reminded me of someone, but I couldn't put my finger on it. This last week, we were meeting with him. We were talking about prophets, and how we can distinguish a true prophet. I said, "A prophet that tries to profit from being a prophet isn't a prophet." :) Anyways, we continue talking to him and then I REALIZED who he reminds me of:

JAMES EARL JONES! Bob is TOTALLY James Earl Jones. He sounds JUST LIKE HIM. I am so tempted to ask him to quote something from the Lion King or to say "Luke, I am your father."

Also - so, a few weeks ago, Sister Danielsen and I were sitting down, eating our lunch, in Laborie. This very drunk man came and sat down next to me and started talking to me about the election. I continued eating my mini loaf of bread (yes, sometimes we just eat loaves of bread for lunch, DON'T JUDGE ME), and just kept nodding along. Eventually, he says "Well, I know you're just a little girl, so I'll talk to her about these things" (her meaning Sister Danielsen). So, he starts talking to Sister Danielsen and then I REALIZED that he thought she was my mom, hence why he said I'm just a little girl.

ALSO, I just mailed letters to the following people: Grandma Carey, Renae Deighton, Elder Larson, Elder Harless, JeanMarie Stewart, and Sister Dicou. Laura Murray, should I send my letter to the return address on the letter you sent me, or should I send it to your house? Email me whatever address you would like me to use. Diana, I am working on adding on to the letter I wrote you, since you asked me for some advice. Diane, also working on yours. They should be out by next week, I hope!

Diane, I'm glad that Lauren still loves me!

Well, Sister Danielsen and I went to visit Brother Raymond this week. From the 1 1/2 weeks since we last saw him, he has read all the way up to MOSIAH. When we arrived, he seemed so happy to see us, haha. We start our lesson, find out he's read a good chunk, and then he pulls out a list of scriptures from the Book of Mormon that he thinks do not agree with the Bible. He wanted us to argue with him SO BAD, haha. But we wouldn't. We just testified, and gave him Alma 5 and 3 Nephi 11 to read for next time, which is tomorrow.

AHHH I JUST REMEMBERED AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE WE HAD THIS WEEK. So, on Wednesday, we received a phone call from someone we had contacted. We had left her a message, and she was returning our call and wanted to set up an appointment with us. That never happens, so Sister Danielsen and I were way excited. We met with her on Friday, and she told us that she had had a dream and we were in it. She took it as a sign that she should meet with us. Sister Danielsen and I think she is great! She was so open and we are seeing her later this week!

Anyways, that's about all for now/ that I have time to type. Family, I love you so much. Thank you so much for your support, your prayers, and your emails. They mean a lot to me. The other day, I heard "Baby, It's Cold Outside" while on the bus the other day and I just started laughing.

Love you!

Sister Brisson

PS- I read 3 Nephi 18:32 this week and it totally made me think about Church in a different way!

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