Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I wish I had an advent calendar

Bonjour ma famille!

First order of business...Mom, I received your package in the mail! I've attached some pictures of it :) Cosmic brownies, HOORAY!

This week was just...AMAZING. Sister Danielsen and I have had a hard time with working with members, since the majority of them are either at work or school. But, one of members has suddenly become more available during the day, which is a huge support for us! This week, we were able to teach 29 lessons, 10 of which had a member present! I think that's the highest number of member lessons we've had since I've been here!

So, this past week, Sister Danielsen and I saw Brother Raymond again! Honestly, the Spirit just keeps prompting me to work with this man, so that's what we've done. I can't remember what I've told you about him before, but he is Biblically well-versed, so he is quick to point out anything that we say that he doesn't think lines up with the Bible. He's read half of the Book of Mormon (though he won't pray about it), and reads everything we leave him. This week, he paid us one of the biggest compliments I've received. He said that we remind him of Paul. Completely zealous, dedicated, and...completely misguided! Eh, I'll still take the compliment. Later on, we were talking about something Paul had written, and he said "Well, you have to be careful when reading Paul, since he makes his arguments in a round way...he was educated by the very best." I totally jumped on that and said "You said that we reminded you of Paul, didn't you?!" Then, he was like "Uhhh....well, I meant in terms of your dedication..."

ALSO, this week we got to do SERVICE! Sister Danielsen and I are ALWAYS seeking out service opportunities, and the most we've been able to do is carry grocery bags. So, we went to visit one of our investigators, and she was painting her house. We were like, "LET US HELP YOU!" and she said, "Are you sure?" We grabbed the brushes and started painting! It was fabulous.

On Friday, Sister Danielsen and I decided to go tract Banse, an area I'd never been to. We started walking down the road was like I was walking a back country road! Very picturesque, with a bubbling brook and spread out houses. Honestly, it was like we weren't even in St. Lucia - like we'd apparated or something.

OH YEAH, I almost forgot. So, this past week, I was on a split with a member named Sharlyne. We went to visit her cousin, Cyprian. I met Cyprian during my first transfer, and we'd seen him off and on since then. We had invited him to church several times, but he said that he would visit sometime. So, as soon as we saw him, he said "I'm going to pay you all a visit this week." And...he did! He and his friend Bert (pronounced Birch) came to Church!

Lastly, Sharlyne and I were on a separate split in Vieux Fort. On our way to a member's house, a man called out, "How are you doing, Blondie?" The first thing out of my mouth was..."I'm not blonde!"

LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLL! We are having a Choose Your Own Adventure Family Home Evening tonight! It makes me wish I had "Choose Your Way to Happiness." Also, they don't really have Santa Claus here, bummer!

Sister Brisson

Diana! Good luck with your finals!

Haha Diane, how I love you. Okay, continue to forward my emails to both Liz and Lucy, and only forward me Liz's - Lucy's mom is already sending me hers. THANK YOU! Good luck with your finals!

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