Monday, November 14, 2011

What I wish I had done before serving a mission

Helloooooo, Family!

So, after I emailed you last week, we received a phone call from our zone leader telling us that...President Gamiette and his assistants would be arriving the next day and we would have zone conference! So, on Tuesday we drove up to Castries and the Assistants taught us about member work, which is something we're always working on. Then, President Gamiette taught us about what we should be focusing on with our investigators: REPENTANCE. I couldn't agree more! Repentance is usually only talked about - briefly - in the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. However, we should be talking about it EVERY LESSON.

Then, after we were done, I asked Elder Helms if I had any mail from the office...and he gave me a letter THAT WAS FROM SORELLA MANDIE NUFER WHO IS SERVING IN ITALY. AHHHHHHH! I couldn't stop grinning; oh my. She sent me pictures as well!

PS, I hope you all made wishes on 11/11/11 at 11:11!

Well, we had some great experiences this week. We have two investigators who have come to church four times now! We were talking to them about baptism, and extended the date of December 3rd. One of them said, "That's too early." We asked her why. Then, she said the most wonderful thing:

"Well, I've just started repenting. I'm not sure if I'll be repented enough by then."

BY GEORGE, I THINK SHE'S GOT IT! Ah, as soon as she said it, I had the hugest smile. We talked about it, and both of them accepted the date. We're going over commandments with them now. We taught them the Word of Wisdom, and the other one said: "So, we only have a problem with coffee and tea. Is that the only one we have to work on?" We told them yes. Then, she said, "Alright." Ah, it is so exciting! We also have a returning member who now has a responsibility in the church! I love it.

We also received a bit of bad news this week....THE GIBSONS ARE LEAVING FOR TRINIDAD AT THE END OF THIS TRANSFER! They're going over to serve in the stake there. It looks like I'll have to gather up as many family history stories as I can before they leave!

Also, I was sick on Sunday, for the first time since I've been a missionary! I couldn't go to church yesterday, AND I was supposed to speak in sacrament. Whoops! Thankfully though, I got a blessing and am totally fine now.

Oh yeah! We had another investigator of ours, named Keltrina, at church! I wasn't there (since I was out), but from what I heard it seemed like she had a good time! She had attended before (since her aunt is a member), but hadn't in a long time. I was so grateful that she was able to make it.

I can't really think of any more pertinent information...oh wait! So, two weeks ago, we were teaching a girl named Mervina; she's still in high school. We had taught her the Restoration and had invited her to pray, so on our second lesson we asked her how her prayer went. She said, "Bad!" A little shocked, we asked her why! She said, "because I didn't receive an answer." So, we asked her how she felt when she prayed. She said, "I felt a kind" Internally, I started laughing a little. We read Galatians 5:22 with her and then had the following exchange:

Us: So...a fruit of the spirit is joy...
Her: Yes...
Us: And you said you felt joy when you prayed...
Her: Yes...
Us: Which means...

Haha, it was great!

Well family, I think that's about it for this week. I hope this week continues to go swimmingly for you. The gospel is true. I talked with a man about two weeks ago who didn't think we could be with our families forever. It made me so sad for him. I know that God wants us to be with our families; that we are MEANT to be with our families forever.

Also, a few people have asked me what preparation I wish I had done before coming out on my mission. is honestly what I will say: I wish I had shared the gospel with my friends. That is my biggest regret! Now, serving as a missionary, I have the strongest desire to share what I know with my friends. And I have to wait! And it kills me! If you are getting ready to serve a mission, share the gospel with your friends NOW. Talk to the missionaries - they're there to help you be able to do that. PLEASE DO IT!

I love you!

Sister Brisson

Nick! Thank you for your email! Haha, I'm glad Luke is walking! I am keeping a journal; I'm almost done with my first one.

Jenny! I've also thought about having a hymn quote for my plaque - but then that opens up so many more possibilities, ahhhhhhh!

Rebecca Dombrowski, I love you. Tell Josh I say hello back.

Lynn! I love those scriptures you sent me.

Diane Ellison, thank you for forwarding my emails. You are the best.


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