Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Bonjour, ma famille!

So, it wasn't until this afternoon that I realized it's Halloween! Unfortunately, they don't celebrate Halloween here. BUT I hope that you all enjoy the candy and the festivities!

As always, I have a bunch of not-so-interconnected snippets, nuggets, and snuggets to tell you from this past week!

So, on Friday, Sister Danielsen and I found ourselves with no real appointments to speak of for the whole day. We talked about going out to find new investigators for the day, since we hadn't been able to find many new people to teach for the prior days in the week. We left our apartment, and went into an area that the District Leader had given us recently. As we're walking down a road, NO ONE is in sight. NO ONE. We keep walking, and see there is this lady in her shop, but nary a customer in sight. So, we decided to go talk to her. She was sitting right by her doorway, and we stayed on the doorstep as we talked. She seemed relatively nice and pleasant. As we're talking, she got quite emphatic. Essentially, she called down fire and brimstone upon us, if we're not true. I felt impressed to keep talking to her, so we did. Eventually, we said our goodbyes, as a customer had walked in. Even though the conversation had seemed fruitless, it didn't bother me.

After we finished talking to her, we kept walking down the street, and there was a man with a school bag a little ways ahead of us. Sister Danielsen and I tried to walk faster to catch up to him, but we couldn't, haha. As he's about to turn into his house, I yelled out "EXCUSE ME!" We rushed over to him and started talking with him. His name is Kelvin and he's a medical student. At first, we planned on just contacting him, but then he said "Well...I have some time right now..." And Sister Danielsen and I were like, "That's great!" We started talking about the restoration of the gospel with him; he LOVES the Bible and has been looking for ways to get closer to Christ. Conveniently, that's what we do! So, at the end of our discussion, he said that he had no idea how we had ended up meeting him, but he was grateful for it. He told us that he was coming to Church! And as he prayed, he said that he felt like he'd known us for a long time, even though we had just met. I was quite excited! We also got to teach a friend of his who arrived right after our lesson!

So, Sacrament Meeting on Sunday rolls around, and we don't see him...AND THEN HE WALKED IN DURING SUNDAY SCHOOL! YES! I was so happy! AND he brought another friend with him!

Family, it made me seriously so happy. I don't think anything has brought me as much happiness as seeing my investigators keep their commitments. We also had two other investigators at Church for their second time! And they're reading!

Dad, I am still trying to think of a favorite scripture. Here are the ones I'm currently considering:
Romans 8:16-18. We are joint-heirs with Christ if we suffer with Him, if we endure to the end! The sufferings of this present time aren't worthy to be compared to the glory that shall be revealed in us! It's amazing!
John 15:12-15. If you have great love for your friends, you will lay down your life for them. Christ calls us His friends. What did he do? HE LAID DOWN HIS LIFE FOR US. He truly has the greatest love.
Zechariah 5:1. It's classic.

Another funny thing from this week: Sister Danielsen and I were street contacting, and we met a well-traveled man. At first, he said he was busy and that he didn't have time, but we ended up talking with him anyways. We started teaching a shorter version of the Restoration, and he seemed intrigued. Then, I quoted the First Vision. As soon as I was done, he launched into this monologue about Christianity, Africa, Western society...Sister Danielsen were just like, "where is this going?" Then, I realized he thought we had said that Joseph Smith was the Son of God...which we definitely DIDN'T say! As soon as we clarified what we had said, he was like "Oh! Why didn't you say something sooner! Yeah, I'd definitely like to talk to you more some other time." Haha, what?

Dad, I'm glad you got to go to Stake Conference! It sounded like you got a lot out of it. Has the temple presidency or the mission presidency spoken at Stake Conference before?

Renae, thank you for your email and your encouragement! Sohrab, you didn't send me your home address, how can I write you back? Diane, I loved seeing the time stamp on that email :)

Anyways, I am quickly running out of time. I love you!

Sister Rachel Brisson


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