Monday, November 7, 2011

A brief email!

Hello Family!

Well, some bad news. The Gibsons' computer crashed, so I am sitting in an internet cafe writing you! The internet is a tad slow, so please forgive me if this email is short. Also, this means I only had a brief chance to peruse my inbox, so I apologize if there are burning questions that go unanswered!

I meant to write about this last week, but didn't get a chance to - so you'll hear the story now! A few weeks ago, my companion told me that in the middle of the previous night, she had awoken to me talking to her about one of our investigators, and I was asking her a question. She answered it, and then I asked her ANOTHER question. A bit miffed, she asked, "Well, why are you wondering about this right now?" I replied, "Oh, sorry. Sometimes, I talk in my sleep." I promptly went back to sleep. She asked me if I remembered any of it, and I said no. Apparently, I said I talk in my sleep while TALKING IN MY SLEEP. It appears that even my sleeping hours are consumed by thinking about the people we're working with, haha.

Unfortunately, Kelvin didn't make it to church this week - but he'll probably come this upcoming week. Keep your fingers crossed!

I only have 30 minutes left - oh, how I'm reminded of the MTC.

This past week, we had our second appointment with a man named Jose, who is from Venezuela. We invited him to church and he said he probably wouldn't be able to come. Well, Sunday arrives and...he came to sacrament meeting! I was so happy and we talked with him for a little bit afterwards. Then, he left! Ah, I was so sad that he didn't stay for the rest of church. As I was sitting in Sunday School, it occured to me that perhaps he didn't know that there were other things going on. I felt AWFUL, and so I said to Sister Danielsen, "Let's go find Jose!" We left the Church and walked down to the bus station to see if he was there. He wasn't there, but I felt like we should keep walking down to the end of the street and see if he was there. As we kept walking - bam! There he was, walking by! We talked with him and he didn't know there were other classes, so he walked back with us to Church! I was so relieved.

Another thing I forgot to mention from last week - I RECEIVED A LETTER FROM SISTER DICOU. Since our Zone Leader had to go to Trinidad for training, he brought it back for me! I seriously could not stop laughing when I read it - it was hilarious. Sister Dicou, I'm working on writing you back, if you see this!

Some of you have asked how it's been to train...Haha, I don't know what to say! It makes me increasingly self-conscious of everything that I do. We had a training meeting last week via the internet, and President Gamiette said, "Trainers, you are to teach exact obedience." Exact obedience was my aim before, but it's grown so much more in importance, since I am teaching someone else.

We've started doing a program called My Missionary Journal with the youth in the branch. Every week during Seminary, we work on it with them. It's starting to take off - we want the youth the branch to get excited about missionary work, so this should work out fabulously.

Otherwise...the work continues. We have two investigators who have come to Church 3 times now. Every time I see them there, I just smile. They're enjoying it, and this week, we're finishing up the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. I've been studying my brains out for it - I hope the lesson turns out well!

Family, the gospel is true. I cannot deny it. I try to work harder every day and understand it better. I hope you are all well - I'll go back to reading the things you've sent me after I send this.

I love you!

Sister Brisson

PS - a bus driver proposed to me this week.


You can email me at (because I can receive but cannot respond to your emails, please include your mailing address so I can write you back!). You can also continuing using for the cost of a stamp, or you can write me at the mission office address:

Sister Rachel Anne Brisson
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So, you asked for my new address. Here it is, but be aware that letters can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to get here. Please write me emails - I can print them out, so it doesn't eat into my internet time at all. If you want to use it, here it is:

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You can also send packages to this address, but it's the same deal. DHL and FedEx are the fastest, but you have to have a number. Since this goes up on the blog, I'll send the number to Marcia, and you can ask her for it.

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