Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Transfer Transfer

Good startling news, everyone!
So, this past week, I got my transfer call. I had to wait until Saturday to receive it, and I was DYING - the anticipation was killing me! And so, here is what I was told:
"Sister Brisson, you are staying in Vieux Fort."
"And you will be training Sister Danielsen."
Er....what? Wait, what??
After that, I was preeeeettty much in shock. Dualistically, I think, "of course I can do that!" while thinking "well, don't I feel rather inadequate. Like, really really inadequate." I have no idea how often this happens in the mission field - training after being out for only one transfer, that is. I'm nowhere NEAR the missionary I want to be - how can I lead someone else to become who they want to be? Don't get me wrong - this is what the Lord wants, so I'm going to do it. Whom He calls, He qualifies! And...He won't ask us to do something without making a way for it to happen. I feel humbled, though! Very humbled. Pray for me? :)
And so, Sister Fraser leaves on Wednesday to go back to Guyana. Needless to say, I'm going to miss her. She has been such an example to me of what it means to endure to the end. I hope that when my time ends here, I can be like that - still working up until the last few moments.
Well, the biggest thing I've realized this week is that it's hard to start living the gospel and following your Savior if you don't get the support at home! It's hard to focus and follow on spiritual promptings when things are going haywire around you. That's something I hope to work on this transfer - helping our investigators to be strong in the face of no support and/or adversity. They're never alone in this! The Savior is right there by them, and I want to show them that. Parents, thank you for always supporting me.
Ah, I had a great teaching experience this week! So, Sister Fraser and I have been teaching this girl named Valerie. She doesn't seem terribly interested in the lessons we teach, but she hasn't told us to go away yet so...we're still teaching her, haha. We were teaching her the Plan of Salvation, and talked about how we are ALL preparing to meet God. ALL of us. And at the moment we began talking about it, a thought popped into my head - "How can I help her SEE this?" And literally right as I thought it, the most wonderful analogy rolled right off my tongue! I asked her, "Valerie, what do you do to prepare to go out with your friends?" She laughed at first, but after prompting her, she came up with a lot of things. And then I asked her, "so, what would happen if you skipped or didn't do one of those things? If you didn't shower, or do your hair?" She said she'd be embarrassed. And I said, "exactly! If you don't do those things, you will be embarrassed. And if you don't do the things to prepare to meet God - or you skip some steps - it's going to be a little embarrassing." After continuing on with the lesson, I said "Someone had to teach you what to do to prepare when you were little, before you could do it yourself. Likewise, the Savior has shown us what we need to do in order to prepare."
Now, this might not seem like a huge experience - it probably looks like something that a missionary would do every day. However, I was so, so grateful for that experience. You see, since leaving the MTC, I haven't felt like I've been able to come up with useful, personalized analogies.
Being bereft of them made me feel, to be honest, a little lonely! So, having that experience helped me to remember that as I have the desire to help people, the Holy Ghost will be there - because, you know, that analogy definitely wasn't my own!
That's about it! I love you!
Sister Brisson
Dad, if you need to make more room on my laptop, you can delete my documents. Just don't delete my music :) I hope you're having a good time! Also, the Riehles as the stake reps? That's so perfect! Alisha, please find that picture! I'll have a favorite scripture next week, Mom, I promiseeee.
Diane, I thought the code was optional! Also, why am I now hearing about some things that transpired a month ago? Hm? PS, I don't know if my sister Linda has been able to forward my emails to Lucy and Liz...would you be willing to take on that task? :)
DIANA SOLORZANO HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm glad it went well! Haha I think about that parody all the time. I haven't mailed any letters yet...d'oh! But I have written them, though!
Alright, bye for real!


You can email me at rachel.brisson@myldsmail.net (because I can receive but cannot respond to your emails, please include your mailing address so I can write you back!). You can also continuing using www.DearElder.com for the cost of a stamp, or you can write me at the mission office address:

Sister Rachel Anne Brisson
West Indies Mission
PO Bag 543
Trinidad and Tobago

So, you asked for my new address. Here it is, but be aware that letters can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to get here. Please write me emails - I can print them out, so it doesn't eat into my internet time at all. If you want to use it, here it is:

PO Box 923
Gablewoods Mall South
Vieux Fort, St. Lucia 00124

You can also send packages to this address, but it's the same deal. DHL and FedEx are the fastest, but you have to have a number. Since this goes up on the blog, I'll send the number to Marcia, and you can ask her for it.

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