Monday, October 24, 2011

Rainy rainy day!

Hello, Family!

So, I felt a little bad because I didn't have a TON to write about this week - but, from your emails, I've got lots to talk about!

So, this past week at district meeting, I received MAIL!!!!!!!! Thank you Linda , Laura, Elder Garrett, and Elder Harless for your letters! Elder Garrett didn't send me his mission address, though - could someone get me the Tampa FL mission home address, please?

On Wednesday morning, I said goodbye to Sister Fraser - I assume she made it safely back to Guyana. Then, I picked up my new companion from the airport! Sister Danielsen is from Colorado, but she's moved around a bit here and there. She has an older brother and an older sister, and is the first in her immediate family to serve a mission. Elder Austin was also transferred away - to Guyana. Thus, Elder Jensen's new companion is Elder Meredith, from Georgetown, Guyana.

This past week at correlation, President Nicholas asked those in leadership positions in the branch and the missionaries to begin working with the less active members. There's about 80 or so members in our branch, and about 25 are active. So, more or less, we have our work cut out for us here! Sister Danielsen and I are going to be working with the Young Women, in addition to the less actives we've already been working with. It's a bit difficult though, for there's not really addresses around here - so, we have to go find them, literally.

The biggest bit of news from this past week - besides transfers - is...WE HAD INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time since I've been in the field, we had investigators at church! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Every week, Sister Fraser and I would pray and pray and PRAY that our investigators would be able to make it to Church. However, all last transfer, nary a one walked through the door. So, this past week, Pershama and Valerie came, along with another member we've been asking to come back! (they live with her). I was so excited! They seemed to enjoy it and we have another appointment with them this week. Yes!

Otherwise, we're planning on dropping a few people this week. It's sad for me because I love them, and I want them to progress so badly. As the saying goes - you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

As stated, I didn't have a ton to say this week - but you all asked some wooooonderful questions, so I will answer them!

JeanMarie! Okay, here is some leeetle advice. Memorize My Purpose, the First Vision, and the invitation to be baptized - preferably in your mission language. I assume they'll have you memorize those in the MTC, so it's better to memorize them beforehand so you can work on improving yourself in other ways! I think it might be useful for you if you obtained a copy of True to the Faith in your mission language, so you could start familiarizing yourself with gospel terms in German. I can't really think of anything that I wish someone had told me, but I do wish I had read/studied more of Preach My Gospel Ch. 3 and "treasured up" the scriptures listed for each point. Ps, how long are you going to be in the MTC?

Sarah, I'm glad you found the blog! To answer your questions...I used a hair dryer while in the MTC, but haven't really used one since being here. Sandals are an ambiguous thing here, haha. If you do get any, they can't be open-toed, and if you want to wear them proselyting, they have to look nice. But, with how muddy it gets and the significant amounts of broken glass everywhere, I'd say it's better to forego them. However, I have this pair of Merrell Abyss shoes - they're like pseudo sandals, and I LOVE them. You can check them out on Zappo's. For jeans...I sent mine home when I left the MTC (you will need them in the MTC, though), so I have shorts - but definitely bring some if you want.

Mom, we walk and take the bus to get to our areas. All my shoes are comfortable :) Haha, no matter how much bug spray we put on, we STILL get bit. Ah well!

Delia, thank you so much for your emails! I'm glad you're enjoying the updates!

Diane, I'm receiving emails from Lucy's mom, so no worries there. Thank for you always sending me Liz's!

Love you all!

Sister Brisson

Oh yeah, I attached pictures! One is of Sister Fraser and I at the airport, another is of our district from this past transfer, another is of Sister Danielsen and I.


You can email me at (because I can receive but cannot respond to your emails, please include your mailing address so I can write you back!). You can also continuing using for the cost of a stamp, or you can write me at the mission office address:

Sister Rachel Anne Brisson
West Indies Mission
PO Bag 543
Trinidad and Tobago

So, you asked for my new address. Here it is, but be aware that letters can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to get here. Please write me emails - I can print them out, so it doesn't eat into my internet time at all. If you want to use it, here it is:

PO Box 923
Gablewoods Mall South
Vieux Fort, St. Lucia 00124

You can also send packages to this address, but it's the same deal. DHL and FedEx are the fastest, but you have to have a number. Since this goes up on the blog, I'll send the number to Marcia, and you can ask her for it.

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