Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jokes on you!

Hello, family!

So, parents - Elder Gibson knew who I was right away when we first met.  He said I look just like the both of you, combined.  He has been telling me some stuff about our family history over these past few weeks, which I love hearing about!  We thought it'd be funny to just act like we hadn't made the connection and see what you said.

PS, I'm mentioned on the mission blog.  Here are the two entries: (about the crazy family connection) (please ignore the fact that my picture is randomly the biggest)

Ahhh, I ALWAYS feel like I have so much to tell you, and no time to do so!  This week, we had a district meeting where we talked about goals for the district and what we can do to improve our work as missionaries.  Then, President Gamiette interviewed each companionship via Skype.  The next day, we had a trainer/trainee training, also via Skype.  What did this mission do before the internet?  We had about 7 or so countries all skyped in.

So, you asked for my new address.  Here it is, but be aware that letters can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to get here.  Please write me emails - I can print them out, so it doesn't eat into my internet time at all.  If you want to use it, here it is:

PO Box 923
Gablewoods Mall South
Vieux Fort, St. Lucia 00124

You can also send packages to this address, but it's the same deal.  DHL and FedEx are the fastest, but you have to have a number.  Since this goes up on the blog, I'll send the number to Marcia, and you can ask her for it.

ALRIGHT.  So, this week, we have been working working working on finding investigators.  Many people are willing to listen, but sometimes, that's the extent of their interest.  We've been working with Merlisa, and have started teaching her sister Evanelle as well.  Sister Fraser and I have been teaching them about baptism, and why it is vital.  I began to study it out further, beyond the scope we had discussed with her before.  I wanted her to understand it, to see the WHY, not the what.  And oh my!  The lesson went so well.  That is what truly wakes me up as a missionary - when I have studied out a concept for my investigators, and present it to them, FOR THEM.  I love doing that!

Let me tell you about another investigator.  His name is Tyson, and he's in high school.  We contacted him on the street and asked him if there was a time we could come talk to him.  He said the next day!  So, we met with him.  His uncle is an atheist, so Tyson pegged with his uncle's issues with Christianity.  Now family, I don't think I've told you before, but I love talking to people who don't believe in God!  I LOVE IT.  I didn't get to tell you - while I was in the MTC, we had a zone teaching where someone played an atheist friend of theirs that they knew well.  It was one of my most favorite lessons I've ever taught.  I totally cried about Nietzsche and how much his writings actually strengthened my testimony.  With Tyson, some of his questions pertained more to the Plan of Salvation, so I can't WAIT to have that lesson with him.  I can't wait!

Now to answer some questions!  I haven't tried a ton of Saint Lucian food, but from what I have had, it's really good!  The area we're in isn't super tropical - lots of it looks like home, with a few palm trees and beaches thrown in for good measure.

Ahhhhhhh, I'm out of time.  Family, I love you so much.  I know this gospel is true.  I know the Lord loves us, and wants us to return to him.  I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored.  I know that The Book of Mormon is the word of God, and EVERYONE needs to find that out for themselves.


Sister Rachel Brisson

PS!  Diane and Diana, I've written you back.  I hope you receive it!  I'll mail it in the coming week.

Some last minute advice for any outgoing missionaries!  The Scrip Pouch scripture case that I bought in the MTC Book store is AMAZING.  Get yourself one.  It's water proof, and doubles as a purse...ahhhh I love it.  East 5th skirts don't wrinkle!  Andddd I bought these Merrell Abyss shoes, and my feet NEVER hurt when I'm wearing them.

K, for real - love you all!  Bye!

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