Thursday, October 13, 2011

I totally forgot about Halloween.

Helloooooooo Family!

So, as the title says, I forgot that Halloween is coming up at the end of this month! Oh, what focusing on the work does to your mind!

Also - I opened my email and gasped at my inbox. Holy moly. Thank you alllllll for your mail!

Alright, I'm attaching pictures RIGHT NOW so I don't run out of time later! All of them are from a few weeks ago, except the one of the Dunkaroo's. Now, I find you asking - Sister Brisson, why did you attach a picture of Dunkaroo's? I will tell you. I haven't seen Dunkaroo's in a store since I was like 8 YEARS OLD. I thought they didn't exist anymore! But they do! In Saint Lucia. And I have photographic evidence.

I hope those attached. If not, I'll try again next week.

One thing I've noticed this week is that I really need to work on the analogies I use when I'm teaching investigators! In the MTC, I could think of analogies so easily! For example, I'd usually give the analogy of being hot and cold for agency. I'd say - because you've felt cold before, you can better appreciate a beautiful summer day, right? Except - winter doesn't exist here! So that's an analogy I have to toss. Another one that has to go - for talking about baptism by proper authority, I'd give the example (as taken from the District) of if an ice cream man pulled you over and tried to write you a ticket, you'd tell him to go away. But if a police man pulled you over, you wouldn't tell him to go away. Why does that one have to go? Very few people drive here, d'oh! And there aren't a lot of ice cream trucks around...

So, here is a better analogy I thought of this week, for when we teach our investigators about reading their scriptures daily. It's like...bathing! You can't bathe once and expect to stay clean! You have to shower daily, or you will get stinky! And if you don't read your scriptures every day, you will get spiritually stinky. Haha, I hope I see a dramatic rise in commitment keeping with this new analogy.

I find out on Wednesday where I'll be going for my second transfer and who my new companion will be. Sister Fraser leaves next Tuesday :( I'll let you know next week. For now, hold off on sending any mail to St. Lucia, if you were thinking about it. I know wherever I end up is where the Lord needs me, but I do hope I stay in St. Lucia next transfer.

And speaking of it being my second transfer soon - goodness! Time seriously flies right by. I feel as though my time here in the West Indies will run out before I know it. I'm working so hard on making ALL of my time productive, since it goes by so quickly.

Also, something I don't think I've mentioned before - I actually come home in March 2013, not February. Just a lil note.

I just re-read what I wrote and I realized I haven't said anything substantial about this week. Well, things are plugging right along with our investigators. They usually keep at least one of their commitments, which Sister Fraser and I are so grateful for. It is an exercise of faith for them. However, they aren't coming to Church. That's the rough part. We pray earnestly that they'll be able to come and have a great experience, but they haven't as yet. We did, however, talk to Tyson a few days ago and he said yes to a baptsimal commitment! YAYYYYYY!

Another thing - I didn't realize how much it would mean to the dear sisters in our branch to have sister missionaries. We're the first set of sisters that have been assigned to Vieux Fort, and as we've worked with the sisters here, I've been touched by their willingness to help us out with teaching.

Dad, I'm excited for that MTC activity! I sent home my MTC schedule to Marcia if you want to take a look at it.

Anyways, that's about all I have to say now. I love you!


Sister Brisson

Post Script time!

JEAN MARIE, CONGRATULATIONS on your mission call! AHHHHHHH, that is so exciting! If you have any questions about anything, I'm not sure how helpful I'd be, but don't hesitate to ask!

Lair-n Trout, I love you. Thank you for your email! Rest assured, I do miss coming over to your apartment at all hours of the night!

Diane Ellison. Ahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh my goodness. Alright. Tell your roommates about your goal! That way, they can help you or at least be aware of what you're trying to do! As to my new sleeping habits...I don't know if I can give you any useful advice. It still takes me a little while to fall asleep, but I snap awake at random points during the night. Sooo...yeah, not much help. But I love you. Also, St. Lucia is 238 sq miles (27 miles long, 14 miles wide). St. Martin, though, is ONLY 36 SQ MILES (6 by 6 miles). Tiny!

MOM, could you send me the recipes for Lazy Woman Lasagna, Yaco Tacos, and Meat Loaf? Or Marcia, you could send those as well. Alisha, could I get milk toast, please??

NIck, thank you for your letter! I've definitely noticed those things as well.

DIANA SOLORZANO, I know you haven't gotten mail from me yet...but PLEASE email me and tell me the rest of the story! You left me at a cliffhanger!

Ryan Sheldon. Write me a letter, will you? I'd love to hear from you. Same goes to you, Sandro, if you see this! I want to know how your internship went and how school's going.

Lastly....JACOB. Write me! Rachel Ostler's the one who has your television. Go claim it!

K, bye for REAL.


You can email me at (because I can receive but cannot respond to your emails, please include your mailing address so I can write you back!). You can also continuing using for the cost of a stamp, or you can write me at the mission office address:

Sister Rachel Anne Brisson
West Indies Mission
PO Bag 543
Trinidad and Tobago

If you want to send packages, please contact Marcia Van Camp for details, 703-473-7300 or

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