Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Mission Has Split

Hey Everyone!

First off, thanks to everyone who used this blog as a resource.  I hope it was useful to you, whether you were looking at the other mission blogs I linked to or you found helpful advice on here.

You've probably heard that the mission split in July.  The two missions are the Trinidad Port of Spain Mission and the Barbados Bridgetown Mission.

I have still continued to look for new mission blogs from time to time, but haven't found any that I felt like linking to.  If you do a google search of "Barbados mission lds" or "Trinidad mission lds" and set the results to Last Month, you should see a few blogs listed that are frequently updated.  You could also try using the word Mormon in those searches.

I recommend checking the West Indies Mission Facebook group for further updates.  Link here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/15145881769/

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Major Updates

Hello All,

I know it's been about seven months since I did an entry.  I kept searching for mission blogs, but couldn't find any that were new.  I just found several new ones, which have been added to the column on the right.

I also updated the archive, as several couples and an elder have gone home.

Also, I would like to clarify that most of the blogs I list are frequently updated.  There are some missionsites/blogs that are for missionaries currently serving, but do not have any letters posted or haven't had anything posted in months.  In cases like those, I don't link to them.

As always, please comment if you know of any other blogs.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some Updates

Hello again!

I've updated the list of current mission blogs with the additions of Elder Dayton and Elder Lewis (both serving French speaking), and Elder & Sister Linton, a senior couple.  The archive has been updated, and a link for Prepared to Serve has a list of mission blogs for the West Indies from 2009 to current.

If you know of any other actively updated blogs, please feel free to comment.

Link to the archive: http://brissononamission.blogspot.com/2013/08/mission-blogs-archive.html

In terms of other updates, I know that currently, missionaries are only allowed to listen to Mormon Tabernacle Choir and (perhaps) instrumental music.

Happy Holidays!

EDIT (2/16/14):
I've just added Sister Hodge, Sister Munafo, and Sister Riley's blogs to the list.

Also, there are several "mission sites" for missionaries, but they do not have any letters.  If you're interested in seeing them, click "Links" on the side bar of the mission site.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mission Blogs' Archive

I've worked to compile current mission blogs.  However, some of their writers have begun returning home.  Thus, here is a list of former mission blogs (from within the last three years and up) that I know of.  I hope someone finds it useful.

Sister Fish - http://alexisfish.blogspot.com/
Sister Sims - http://sisterlizzisimsmission.blogspot.com/
Sister Crompton - http://katelyncrompton.blogspot.com/
Sister Edmonds - http://www.missionsite.net/sisteraimeeedmonds/letters
Sister Wilson - http://www.missionsite.net/sisterbriannawilson/letters

Elder Wilson - http://www.bdwinthewestindies.blogspot.com/
Elder Shepherd - http://www.missionsite.net/elderbradyshepherd/letters
Elder Payne - http://www.missionsite.net/elderdavidpayne/letters
Elder Hale - http://elderhalewestindies.blogspot.com/

Senior Couples
Elder & Sister Beutler - http://carolandmel.blogspot.com/
Elder & Sister Monson - http://nanaandpapasjourney.blogspot.com/
Elder & Sister Bird - http://bkbirdmission.blogspot.com/
Elder & Sister Beecher - http://beecherinthewim.blogspot.com/http://elderhalewestindies.blogspot.com/

The website Prepared to Serve has a list of West Indies Mission blogs from 2009 to current.  http://preparetoserve.com/west-indies/lds-mission-blogs/

Sunday, July 21, 2013

On Conversion, #1

Last night, as I drove the sister missionaries back to the Church, I mentioned to them that I love Elder Donald L. Hallstrom's talk, "Converted to His Gospel through His Church."  Click here to read it.

In this talk, Elder Hallstrom explains that Church activity and the gospel are not the same: "Sometimes we use the terms gospel and Church interchangeably, but they are not the same. They are, however, exquisitely interconnected, and we need both."

The gospel is Heavenly Father's plan by which we become like Him - through developing faith, repenting, and reconciling ourselves to God.  The Church, as established by Jesus Christ, has His authority to help us accomplish these things by providing us with Christ's true teachings and the necessary ordinances of the gospel.

Thus, just as the gospel and the Church are not the same but are "exquisitely interconnected," the same goes for conversion and activity in the church:

"It is possible to be active in the Church and less active in the gospel...Activity in the Church is an outward indication of our spiritual desire. If we attend our meetings, hold and fulfill Church responsibilities, and serve others, it is publicly observed.  By contrast, the things of the gospel are usually less visible and more difficult to measure, but they are of greater eternal importance. For example, how much faith do we really have? How repentant are we? How meaningful are the ordinances in our lives? How focused are we on our covenants?"

We often wonder: How can someone be fully active in the Church as a youth and then not be when they are older? How can an adult who has regularly attended and served stop coming?...Perhaps the reason is they were not sufficiently converted to the gospel—the things of eternity."

We need both the Church and the gospel.  The scriptures make it abundantly clear that we cannot become converted without the Church (for example: 3 Nephi and Moroni).  However, we are stopping short if we think, "Okay, I'm doing enough."  We increase our conversion by focusing on our covenants, repenting, and building our faith.

Next topic: What is Conversion?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hello, again!

I know, I know.  It looks like I haven't updated in a while.  Take a look at the blog links - there's a few new ones.  One is for the first French-speaking sister missionaries.  I've been working a few posts, but life has sort of...taken over.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

West Indies Mission Sister Missionaries: A Brief History

When I was called to serve in the West Indies Mission, I tried to research and to find mission blogs.  While searching, I discovered that the West Indies Mission had only had sister missionaries for a little while.  I thought that was interesting, so I've decided to write a brief history about sister missionaries who have been called to the West Indies Mission.

In 2009, the first sisters received their calls to the West Indies (blog entry about it here: http://www.myersmission.com/2009/07/sister-missionaries-serving-in-west.html).  Sister Camejo (Trinidad) and Sister Girdharry (Guyana), the first sisters, opened Castries, St. Lucia for sister missionaries as their first area (blog post about that here: http://edandjoycecollins.blogspot.com/2009/08/our-sister-missionaries.html).  

First Wave of West Indies Sister Missionaries (Transfer Order)
Sister Camejo / Sister Girdharry
Sister Gaspar (Guyana) / Sister Jaipaul (Guyana) / Sister Mentore (Guyana)
Sister Olysse (Haiti/Martinique) / Sister Toussaint (Guadeloupe)
Sister DeFreitas (Guyana) / Sister Fraser (Guyana) 
Sister Phagwah (Guyana) / Sister Shrestha (Nepal)

In 2011, the West Indies Mission continued to broaden, and sisters from North America were called (main blog entry here: http://thewestindiesmission.blogspot.com/2011/07/first-north-american-sisters-called-to.html, with this and this listing some of the arrivals).

Second Wave of West Indies Sister Missionaries (Transfer Order) 
Sister Butler
Sister Brisson / Sister Fish / Sister Sims / Sister Weaver
Sister Danielsen / Sister Kelsch / Sister Steinmetz / Sister Stephenson / Sister Udall
Sister Walch
Sister Dayton
Sister Campbell / Sister Jewell

Sister Charles (St. Vincent) was temporarily assigned to the West Indies Mission while waiting on paper work for her mission call.  Sister Taylor began the third wave of sister missionaries in 2013.

Because sister missionaries have only been called recently to the West Indies Mission, they have had opportunities to open new areas for sisters for the first time.  Countries such as Grenada, Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and Trinidad & Tobago received their first sister missionary companionships during these times.  Barbados and St. Maarten had had sisters before while placed in a neighboring mission.  I have heard that sisters who spoke French were placed in one of the French-speaking countries (specifically French Guiana).

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to serve in the West Indies Mission.  If I had sent my mission papers in when I planned, I wouldn't have been called there.  However, Heavenly Father knew better.  Sister missionaries were originally capped at 8, while the second wave was capped at 14.  With the missionary age change, the new cap is at 20, and will continue to grow in the coming months and years.  The work continues to move forward, as the first missionaries ever from St. Lucia were called to serve in 2013.

I know that missionary work is the Lord's work.  A friend described missionary work to me as a "backstage pass to the workings of the Lord."  As I reflect on my mission, I see that to be true.  I cannot wait to see what happens in the West Indies over time.